Top 6 Windows 10 Product Key Generators You May Know

Windows product key is the code given by the Windows developers to every new machine they install Windows to. The product key for each device that is running a Windows operating system is unique. This key determines the authenticity of the Windows that a machine is running. This product key can be lost easily and for that there are a lot of online methods to generate Windows 10 product key.

Sometimes, when you update your Windows or try to re-install them, the machine tries to ask you to enter your product key for the original version of the Windows. If you have no longer access to your product key then you may not be able to activate the Windows. For such, people try to find their product key for their respective Windows. Searching for your specific version of Windows may not be very easy as not all of us knows everything about the machine and the insights of the operating system we are using. So these online Windows product key generators help you generate your respective key within seconds.

There are a lot of Windows 10 product key generators available online. Some of the categories are.

Part 1. Free Windows 10 Product Key Generators

There are a lot of free software available online that can help you generate product key for your any version of Windows 10. Some of these amazing software are.

1. Pro Full Crack

This amazing software is really fast and saves a lot of time in searching for a product key. Just download the software and extract the key files and you are one click away from your product key. The software supports any version of Windows 10. This amazing software is really less in size and doesn't acquire a lot of space.

Pro Full Crack Tool

2. Tech Rapidly

This software provides multiple secret keys that work with almost any version of Windows 10. The software claims that all the keys they have provided on their website will work with any version of the Windows 10. You just need to visit their website and get the private key from there and put that key into your system to activate your Windows.

3. Product Keys

This software claims to be more reliable than others as it provides the product key for Windows 10 in just one click. The software is really safe and virus free. The software also increase the performance of your Windows. This amazing software is free of cost.

Product Keys Enter

4. Crack Files

This Windows 10 key generator provides online keys for every version of Windows 10. You just need to open the software and look for your version of the Windows which you can find in your computer's properties. Match your version of Windows 10 and copy the key from there. Now paste it into the Windows activation alert box and you are good to go.

Crack Files

5. Ten Forums

This Windows 10 Pro product key generator provides you some generic keys also known as default keys for Windows 10 by Microsoft. A generic key can be helpful if you don't have a genuine key for activation right now, you can activate your Windows with generic key for some time until you get your genuine key back.

Part 2. Paid Product Key Generator

Windows 10 Pro Key

This online product is available online. The product guarantees 100% genuine key for a single computer. The product key is for lifetime spam not a trial version. The software provides product key for both 32 and 64 bit version of Windows 10. The product is for $ 45.99 and you can buy this software from this link:


OS Supported



Pro Full Crack



Tech Rapidly



Product Keys



Crack Files



Ten Forums



Windows 10 Key Generator



Part 3. Get Windows 10 Product Key with PassFab Software

Losing your product key for Windows 10 can be very painful as if you cannot activate your Windows with the original key, you will not have access to all the Windows 10 features. There are a lot of Windows features that they provide to their original users only. If you can't find your product key, there is nothing to worry anymore. There is a piece of popular software known as PassFab Product Key Recovery.

This amazing online software can generate your Windows 10 key with a blink of an eye. The software can generate product key for any version of the Windows 10. This amazing software is really fast and is known for its best user interface. The best interface means you don't need to be a professional to run this software as the software is really easy to use. The software is not free of cost but you can always take a free trial. To generate your online Windows 10 product key, you need to follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Download and run the software into your computer.

Step 2: Get the product key from this product key finder by clicking on the "Get Key" button.

get key

Step 3: Save the key you got from the software into a .txt file.

save key

Step 4: Wait for the key to be saved successfully.

save successfully

Step 5: Finally, open the .txt file and copy the product key from there to activate Windows 10.

product key txt


Windows 10 original product key determines the authenticity of the operating system. A person can lose the product key while updating or re-installing the Windows. It might become difficult for a person to find Wndows 10 product key for their respective Windows version. In the above article we have discussed about some of the free online software that can help you generate product key for Windows 10. We have also seen some amazing paid software as well. If you can find any other interesting software related to this, feel free to let us know and we will surely look into it. Thank you.

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