How to Crack Windows 10 Activation Key Instantly

You see, almost everyone is now aware of why is a product key important for the activation of Windows 10. And if you are someone who yet isn't aware of the process then don't worry, we'll explain it all to you. A product key is basically a 25-digit number that is used for the activation of let's say Windows 10 and all the other Windows editions. It's almost identical to the activation of MS Office. Now, if you are trying or thinking about Windows 10 activation crack, then know that all your efforts will be in vain because a cracked key will never work. You cannot stop the updates of Windows 10, and if they find any discrepancy in your Windows, they'll flag it with activation alerts.

Possible Ways to Crack Windows 10 Activation Code

As you cannot crack the activation code directly, there yet are ways that can help you to get the code for free. As a matter of fact, you are allowed to free upgrade Windows 10 from July 29, 2015 to July 29, 2016. In that period, there's no need to type any Windows 10 activation code. Continue reading to find some of the best methods to crack Windows 10 lisence key.

Download the Windows 10 ISO File

One of the greatest ways to get Windows 10 for free is to download the Windows ISO file. This method is ideal for those people who have a lot of PC's to control, you just need to download the ISO file and then upgrade every computer individually on which you want Windows 10. You can download the ISO file by;

1. Go to the "Windows 10 Download Page" and click on the tool that says Download now. Once done, you then have to run it.

Download Windows 10 ISO

2. You'll see a lot of options on your screen, but you have to choose the one that says "Create installation media for another PC" and then click "Next."

Create installation media for another PC

3. You will be asked about the installation, and there you have to select "ISO file" and again click "Next."

4. Now save the ISO file on your hard drive and then right click on it and open it with Windows Explorer.

5. There you will see the contents of the ISO file, you then have to click on the "Setup."

6. The setup will begin in a few minutes, and then you have to click on "Next" to start the downloading of the updates.

7. Accept the terms and license, and then your PC will be all ready to install Windows 10 on it.

Use The Accessibility Page to Upgrade to Windows 10

1. Go to the Microsoft Accessibility Page, there, you will be directed to the page from where you can upgrade to Windows 10.

2. Now click on the "Upgrade" button and wait for the download to start.

3. After the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant Program is downloaded, you then have to Run the program.

Windows 10 update assistant

4. Now, agree to the license terms and conditions page and then continue.

5. You will now have Windows 10 activated on your PC.

If you follow this method, then you will get a digital license which will be valid for the whole life of the device you are using which is great. So, before heading for any other method, we'd recommend you to try this one first. It's easy, it's fast, and again, you get to enjoy a valid product key for the lifetime of your device.

After July 30, 2016, these are a few ways through which you can get your Windows activation code for free. Moreover, if none of the above-mentioned ways work then don't worry because we do have an alternative way for you and by that alternative way we mean an amazing software that will shoulder all of your burdens. Well, the software about which are talking at the moment is none other than the PassFab Product Key Recovery.

Crack Windows 10 Product Key with PassFab Product Key Recovery

A product key or a digital license is an important asset if you want to activate Windows 10 on your PC. Entering the product key is the easiest way to activate Windows 10 without the need of getting into any complicated processes. Now if you've lost your product key or want to get one for the activation, then you need to use PassFab Product Key Recovery for that. PassFab Product Key Recovery is one of the best and the most used software to date. Around 980000+ people have downloaded this software and with the passage of time more and more people are using it to recover their lost product keys.

How to recover your lost Windows 10 product key using PassFab Product Key Recovery? Here is a step by step guide that explains how exactly you can find your product key for Windows 10:

1. Download PassFab Product Key Recovery on your PC and then install it by following the wizard instructions.

product key recovery

2. Get your product key and let the product key finder detects the information regarding your license key.

get key

3. Right click on the "Generate Text" button and save the txt file on your PC

save key

4. The file will now be saved on your computer. Open the file and view your product key.

product key txt


We have mentioned all the possible best ways through which you can get your Windows 10 activation key. However, we strongly recommend you to use PassFab Product Key Recovery. Currently, millions of people are using this software to recover their keys, and you should also give it a try, we assure you that you won't be disappointed with the results. It's an easy to use software that needs no research or knowledge, you just have to download it and then install it just as per the instructions, and within a short time span, your product key will be delivered to you. Again, don't try to crack an activation code for Windows 10 because that won't give you favorable results.

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